Short-Term Mortgages

Short-Term MortgagesAre you looking for a short-term solution for your immediate mortgage needs? Are you expecting your circumstances to change in the near future and want to make the most of the lowest rate possible?

Short-Term Flexibility
Our  convertible mortgage has a fixed rate and a closed term. So you can lock in for just six months, with the option to convert to a one-year or longer closed term - at any time - with no prepayment charge. Talk about flexibility!

Allows you to Save
We also offer 1 or 2-year short-term mortgages that have variable interest rates with open terms. The rate may change from month to month depending upon our Prime Rate fluctuations, but your monthly payments remain the same. If rates go up, more of each monthly payment will go towards paying the interest - and when rates are on their way down, you could end up saving thousands of dollars.

We're Committed to You
Whether you're buying a new home, renewing, or transferring your mortgage, we can offer you real savings and real choice.